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The breakup you’re not supposed to cry over

11 May 2017 Article by Bronwyn Retief


Read with: Pink Floyd – Wish you were here

I feel like we didn’t get a proper go, him and I. Not really, anyway. We could have done some things. A real dream team – genuinely.

When the day comes, I’m not just going to be sad. I’m going to be ugly. A snotty, drippy, red-faced, trying-to-hold-it-in-but-failing, kind of sad. There will be tears. Lots of tears.

Of course I’m not supposed to be that upset. I’ve had longer relationships, worse breakups, and in the eyes of everyone outside of advertising, he’s just my colleague.

But I’ve had creative partners before, and a good one, a really good; kind of unicorn creative partner (despite their passionate dislike for peanut butter) is worth every tear.

There’s so much I’ll miss! The $4 pizza lunches, coffees in the sun, motorbike rides, talking about ideas, talking about adventures, talking about our other, ‘other halves’, my indoor netball results and failed renos, his kids, puppy, rabbit and sporadically successful fishing trips ‘at the weekend’. You can’t replicate that.

So – to the one I’m leaving behind, thanks for the brief, but brilliant time we’ve had. And – to the new partner you’ll most likely have when I come back, I’m not above stealing someone else’s art director. You’ve been warned.