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10 things you didn’t know about us

7 June 2016 Article by Bronwyn Retief

Every agency has its quirks and Chemistry is no different.

Hailing from all over the globe, our team is a talented and eclectic mix of chocolate lovers, exercise addicts, wine drinkers and hip swingers. Here are a few things you didn’t know about us:

  1. Where’s willy? Our beautifully elaborate mural has a penis (and two bums) hidden in it.
  2. Beers & Ideas. Every second Friday we share work or invite a guest speaker (supplying them with drinks and cheese).
  3. Guess who. One of our directors is an incredible pianist. Another is terrified of bugs.
  4. MIA? Find us enjoying hot chips at Swashies, washing down a beer or bite at North Park, 16 Tun or Baduzzi, or concepting over coffee at Columbus.
  5. It’s all in the wrists. Our sport of choice is foosball. Up for a game?
  6. Spoilt rotten. If it’s not Trudy’s heavenly cornbread, it’s Marija’s scrumptious cookies.
  7. Pull my finger. When things are a little too quiet, the distinctive sound of a fart pen can often be heard to break the silence.
  8. We’re all nuts. We dare you to find a bigger Pic’s peanut butter stash.
  9. Will it blend? For the smoothie devotees, we have an office Nutri Ninja.
  10. Next level dress ups. Our themed Friday drinks have seen everything from pregnant hillbillies to Mad Max henchmen. Meanwhile the outfit of choice for our timesheet wrangler Jessica, is a bunny onesie.