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New Zealand General Facts and Features

General Information
About New Zealand
TerraLink New Zealand Maps Valued Choice This secure e-commerce site has over 400 maps and map-related products for sale, covering New Zealand and the Pacific, including...
Topographic maps: 1:50,000. Useful for trampers, climbers, cyclists, and anyone interested in the detailed features of the country.
Terrain maps: 1:250,000. Topographical maps each covering an area of 150km by 200km.
Park and Track maps: 27 maps, at various scales, cover New Zealand's National Parks, Forest Parks and major walking tracks... plus, plus...

New Zealand at a Glance The popularity of New Zealand with international visitors is growing year by year. It is a land of contrasts, from pristine wilderness areas to modern and sophisticated cities there is something for everyone. New Zealand also enjoys an international reputation for being safe and friendly. English is the spoken language and the good exchange rate to the New Zealand dollar means you will get value for money when you come here.

Latest New Zealand Weather Observations Valued Choice Even if you aren't interested in current weather conditions, the "photos of the week" are worth a special visit. A very informative website.

Capsule History of New Zealand from 26,000,000 BC when the Southern Alps rose above the ocean to 1984 when the Labour government eliminated agricultural subsidies and wage and price controls, lowered tax rates, and began a radical program of privatization.




The Moriori People
Moriori - Short History Account
Who were the Chatham Islanders?
About the Chatham Islands

Maori People
The Maori of New Zealand - Their History
Maori Culture in New Zealand   ...Maori people define themselves by their iwi (tribe), hapu (sub-tribe), maunga (mountain) and awa (river). Whanau is the name given to family - the term embraces immediate family, in-laws and all those connected by blood ties....
The Treaty of Waitangi Valued Choice The Treaty of Waitangi is seen as the founding document of the nation of New Zealand. It was signed in 1840 by representatives of the British Crown and Maori chiefs. There are three copies of the treaty available for viewing.
Ngai Tahu, New Zealand South Island Maori Tribal Home Page New Zealand is a land of many contrasts both geographically and culturally. Here you can share their language, traditions and love for this land - Aotearoa (New Zealand) - The Land of The Long White Cloud. In particular - Te Waipounamu (The Greenstone Isle) - the South Island.

New Zealand - Ancient and Modern History Links to New Zealand history from the arrival of the Maori, Captain Cook, the Treaty of Waitangi, Gallipoli, the Rainbow Warrior, recent economic reforms...

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of Endangered Species

The Fabulous Kakapo Parrot The ancient, flightless Kakapo is the world's rarest and strangest parrot. It the only flightless and nocturnal parrot, as well as being the heaviest in the world, weighing up to 3.5 kilograms (8 lbs).
New Zealand Penguins There is one species, the Yellow-eyed penguin Megadyptes antipodes, which breeds only in southern New Zealand and neighbouring cold temperate islands.
New Zealand Fur Seals New Zealand is a country with no native land mammals, except for bats. Up to two million fur seals, however, once thronged the shores of this country and its subantarctic islands.

Tuatara Facts from Auckland Zoo Tuataras are reptiles but they are very different to lizards, crocodiles and amphibians (frogs, salamanders). Tuatara have a primitive body structure that supports the theory that they are one of the oldest and most un-evolved species, having hardly changed in the past 220 million years.
Naturespace New Zealand
Indigenous Species of New Zealand
Department of Conservation: Biodiversity Conservation
Biodiversity Conservation: Animals and Efforts

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Ruapehu Eruption Resources Valued Choice Provides detailed information about the activity associated with this live volcano, including at times spectacular live volcano-cam. Keeping you up to date with the action! No action - no camera, but they'll email you if things start rumbling.
New Zealand Volcanoes New Zealand has been greatly affected by its position on the edge of two tectonic plates. The boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Indian/ Australian Plate bisects the north and south islands of New Zealand, resulting in extensive mountain range uplift and volcanic activity.
Rotorua The tourist capital of the North Island. It sits on the edge of a large lake, in the crater of an ancient volcano. The entire area is thermally active, and the smell of sulphur is never far.
White Island, New Zealand White Island is the summit of two overlapping stratovolcanoes and one of New Zealand's most active volcanoes, with about 35 small to moderate, steam and tephra eruptions (VEI=2-3) since 1826. In 1914, a landslide killed eleven men at a sulfur works.

Nowhere else in the world do glaciers come so close to the coastline outside of the Polar Regions as they do in Westland National Park in the South Island. The Franz Josef Glacier and its neighbour the Fox Glacier, have been advancing in recent years because of record snow falls on the Southern Alps. The most up to date pictorial record of the Glaciers can be found here:-  Ice in Motion - Franz Josef Glacier A photographic record of Franz Josef Glacier's recent advance

Routeburn Valley This spectacular valley is found in the Fiordland National Park. These U shaped valleys are the result of glaciation. The Fiords in the park are valleys similar to this one except the valley floor is below sea level. There are many great walks in the Park including the Milford Track and the Routeburn Track.

Natural Phenomena
of New Zealand
New Zealand Nature Peer into the bright blue of glacier ice, smell the sulphurous steam from a seething geothermal vent, delve into the limestone underworld or watch a waterfall plunge more than 600 metres into one of the world's deepest fiords.


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Ski Fields
of New Zealand
Treble Cone Ski Area - Wanaka New Zealand 550 hectares of varying terrain with slopes to suit all - from absolute beginners to advancing intermediates to extremists. Plus the awe-inspiring views over Lake Wanaka, Mount Aspiring and the Southern Alps. What more could you want!
Welcome to Cardrona Alpine Resort Cardrona Alpine Resort is situated high on the mountains between Wanaka and Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. Access is easy from either centre. Cardrona is renowned for its natural, dry snow and has a very reliable season that runs from late June until late October. Cardrona is an extensive resort which covers 400 hectares of treeless slopes.
New Zealand Skiing Summary

Boarder Zone New Zealand - snowboarding competition updates, photos, current weather and snow conditions, resort information, rider profiles, gear shop, and more.
New Zealand Snowboarder Magazine - documenting snowboarding in New Zealand using quality photographs and editorials.

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New Zealand
Windsurf.co.nz - Sailing Spots, Surfcams, Results, Clubs, Events, NZWA, Weather, Wind Reports, Buy-Sell Valued Choice
Surfing New Zealand Features daily reports, local coverage, surf stuff and live camera action!
The New Zealand Surfing and Windsurfing Site The New Zealand gateway to windsurfing and surfing. Two great guides to surfing and windsurfing are here, PLUS news, history, tutorials for beginners and experts, accommodation guides in New Zealand surf and windsurf spots. You'll also find a free classified ad's section packed with good deals! Valued Choice
New Wave Gisborne New Zealand Stop by if you're planning on spending time sunning and surfing in Gisborne.

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