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New Zealand

Whats Inside?

The very popular Kiwi Slang page probably gets the most attention and the most laughs, followed by the information put together about our indigenous flightless bird ~ The Kiwi. You can leave The Kiwi page to learn more about the Kiwi Recovery Program where saving our national bird is a full time occupation.

Our site originated from the city of Hamilton, situated in the Waikato region of New Zealand. At this site you will find interesting information about Hamilton and the Waikato, our culture and history, and is a good resource for students who need to complete a homework assignment on this topic.

New Zealand Facts provides links to a diverse range of topics covering our indigenous species, weather, Maori culture, glaciers and volcanoes, surfing, windsurfing, skiing...  plus the link to Terralink'sChoice Site! secure e-commerce site where you can buy maps of New Zealand and the Pacific, and other map-related products.

... and love it or hate it, hearing the New Zealand National Anthem is a good "pick me up" for homesick Kiwi's.

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