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Fabric Stain Removal Guide

  • Making Crystal Gardens

Crystal Garden No. 1

  • 1 brick
    4 tbsp. bluing (available from: Mrs Stewart's Bluing)
    4 tbsp. table salt, no iodine
    1 tbsp. ammonia
    4 tbsp. water food coloring
    1 bowl or decorative plate
  1. Break brick into chunks and place in bowl.
  2. Mix salt, bluing, water, ammonia and pour over brick pieces.
  3. Drop food coloring here and there on brick pieces.
  4. Let sit at least overnight to several days.
    Caution: crystals are very fragile.

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Crystal Garden No. 2

  • Ammonia - 2 tbsp.
    Water - 2 tbsp.
    Iodine - 10 drops
    Glass pan
    Food coloring - 10 drops
    Small lumps of coal or corks
    Salt - 2 tbsp.
    Mercurochrome - 10 drops
  1. Arrange the coal or corks along the bottom of the glass dish.
  2. In another container mix 2 tablespoons of salt, ammonia, water, and mercurochrome.
  3. Pour this solution over the coal or corks.
  4. Scatter ten drops of mercurochrome, iodine, and food coloring over the top.
  5. A crystal garden will begin to form in several days as the moisture evaporates.
  6. Add more of the solution to increase the size of the crystals.


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